According to some French researchers, the clitoris was even omitted from an early version of Medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy. It is until recently hat science understood the amazing organ of the clitoris. You definitely know a thing or two about the functions of the clitoris. You might not know all. Generally, the clitoris is not found inside the vagina. It’s just a separate organ at a separate position in the female genitals. This is the second part of the vulva after the mons. Brace yourselves ladies, there’s a whole lot to know about the clitoris.

  1.  The clitoris actually gets erect.

The clitoris behaves like the penis when a woman is aroused. During arousal, blood moves to the clitoris causing it to swell and increase in size. Within 15-30 seconds before a woman achieves orgasm is called plateau phase. The clitoris at this moment is pulled up. At this same moment, the top most part of the vagina swells and gets bigger. Guess what? This is said to likely give space for the penis and probably ejaculation.

  • The size of clitoris changes as a woman age.

The size of the clitoris changes with time. As women approach menopause, the clitoris also become smaller. The smaller it becomes, the less sensitive it is. This is evident in why women in their menopause and old age find it difficult to gain orgasm.

  • The clitoris works differently in every woman

Every woman is different. Women are all unique, so why shouldn’t clitorises be unique?

Every woman needs a different kind of stimulation to feel satisfied, depending on her unique body composition. This is because, if you’re not turned on, any kind of clitoral stimulation might not actually feel good. Basically, it’s not a magic doorbell that you can press at any time of day and everything will magically open up for you. You have to be in the mood first for anything to happen there.

  • The clitoris is only for pleasure and nothing else.

We’re all told that the clitoris is the only organ designed purely for pleasure. It has no reproductive function. Hence the next time you are not getting pregnant don’t bring your clitoris into the picture. The clitoris just exists to make you feel good. After giving pleasure, it goes back to sleep until another sexual escapade.

  • The clitoris is very sensitive than the penis

The clitoris has double the number of nerve endings as the whole penis. This is impressive if you ask me. The clitoris has  in its tiny surface area, while the penis has around 4,000 on the whole organ.

  • Research suggests that your orgasm depends on the distance between your clitoris and vagina.

 The position of a woman’s clitoris matters. In 2014 one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the position of the clitoris affects how women reach climax and orgasm. If your clitoris is located far away from the vagina, the more likely a woman will have orgasm difficulty.

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The article was written by Godfrey Yeboah Amoah and published at Translation and voice note were done by Mrs. Nancy Boateng

Godfrey Yeboah Amoah
Godfrey Yeboah Amoah

Godfrey Yeboah Amoah is a reproductive health and rights activist and the founder of Vagicare Konsult. A medical Laboratory scientist by profession and specialty in population and health, Godfrey combines his professional knowledge, experience and specialty to educate females on quality reproductive health practices.


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