Vagina free of pain, odor, itches, discharges is extremely the dream of every woman. To achieve these, many women try their best to keep the vagina clean, devoid of vaginal infections. In as much as women take responsibilities to make the vagina smile, many do not consider whether the vagina accepts their actions or not? The question then pops up ‘If the vagina could speak what would she recommend? Below is a fictional lamentation of an aggrieved vagina.

I am a sensitive part of the body. In cognizance of me being sensitive, maintaining good hygiene around me is very simple. The most important thing about my hygiene is maintaining my pH. pH simply refers to how acidic or basic a substance appears. I am slightly acidic in nature. When this quality disappears from my environment, I lose my protective shield and I become vulnerable to attacks by bacteria, virus and parasites. I start to experience symptoms of infections. These symptoms include pain, excessive discharges, irritation, bad odor and itchiness.

My pH is altered when any foreign substance is introduced into me. So, the next time you are putting any substance into me think twice. Make sure you don’t strictly focus only on me but also the surrounding external area. Here are frequent activities that changes my pH

Regular and gentle bathing on my outside environment makes me super clean. (remember,
not inside!). I have the natural capacity to clean myself. Water is my best cleanser. If any
soap is involved it should be possibly with a mild soap and less. I don’t need to smell like
flowers. Follow these tips when bathing me.

  1. Wash me with warm water daily, even if you skip a shower.
  2. Avoid using scented soaps and gels on me. The scents can irritate my environment and
    might just serve as a shield to cover up an actual issue that might be causing odour in

  3. odour for a little time and make it worse in small time. Douching will never fix this.
  4. After using the toilet, wipe from front to back not back to front. This will prevent bacteria in the faeces from getting into me. If possibly rinse with warm water to remove the unwanted bacteria.

Moisture around my outside area (pubic area) promote growth and increase in the number
bacteria. This environment should remain as dry as possible.

  1. Avoid tight-fitting pants and wear cloth that allow me to breathe.
  2. When at home I recommend you go commando (no wearing of panties)
  3. Wear cotton underwear as it absorbs moisture better. Avoid wearing synthetic
  4. Change your cloths and underwear immediately after the gym, cycling or swimming.
    Keeping the place moist will create environment for irritation and bacteria growth.
  5. Change your underwear twice a day if you have extra discharge.

Sexual intercourse is a healthy activity and should not be considered unhygienic. Regardless
of its benefit, there is still the chance of me getting infected. Remember the semen has an
alkaline pH, just opposite to my (vagina) slightly acidic nature. So, during sex the semen
neutralize the acid in me (vagina) to make room for the sperm cells to swim happily to the
eggs. This exposes me(vagina) to infections since my protective acid power is no more. It is
therefore advisable to immediately wash me(vagina) with running water to clear off excess
semen inside me. The following practises are also recommended to keep me safe after sex.

  1. Change condoms when switching among vaginal, anal and oral intercourse to avoid
    spreading bacteria.
  2. During sex, bacteria can sometimes get into the urethra. After sex, make sure you
    urinate to flush out bacteria and avoid contracting a urinary tract infection.
  3. You should also shower or at least clean the vulva after sex with warm water and
    thoroughly dry.

While on these rules, remember to seek for doctors’ advice when you notice any unpleasant changes in your vagina.

This blog pro­vides infor­ma­tion about vaginal health and related sub­jects. The blog content and any linked materials herein are not intended to be, and should not be con­strued as a substitute for, med­ical or healthcare advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any reader or per­son with a med­ical con­cern should con­sult a healthcare provider. This blog is provided purely for informational purposes.

The article was written by Godfrey Yeboah Amoah and published at Translation and voice note were done by Mrs. Nancy Boateng

Godfrey Yeboah Amoah
Godfrey Yeboah Amoah

Godfrey Yeboah Amoah is a reproductive health and rights activist and the founder of Vagicare Konsult. A medical Laboratory scientist by profession and specialty in population and health, Godfrey combines his professional knowledge, experience and specialty to educate females on quality reproductive health practices

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