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Vagicare Reprokit

Safer reproductive health activities is the dream of every young teenager and adult. Getting items and quality products that can enhance safer reproductive related activities like sex is faced with judgement, stigma and embarrassment. Moreover, the untimely access to these things become problematic as slight delay can cause infections, pain and unintended pregnancies. Vagicare Konsult has curated for you with love the Vagicare Reprokit to meet your reproductive health need for and your partner. The Vagicare Reprokit contains

  • Male/Female condoms
  • Emergency contraceptive pills
  • Vaginal  lubricant
  • After sex wipes
  • Ovulation test kit
  • Pregnancy test kit
  • Vaginne intimate gel ( eliminates vaginal odor, pain, abnormal discharge, prevents after period infections like candiaisis)

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Vaginne intimate gel
GHS 45.00 per tube

Vaginne intimate gel
GHS 270 per Box( 6 tubes)